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Life Sciences Innovator Category Winner 2023

Following a rigorous application process, we are proud to announce that Seda have been selected as the UK Life Sciences Innovator Winner 2023 in the Application, Product & Service Design Category. The Life Sciences Innovator Showcase is a community of UK companies bringing innovative solutions to the life sciences sector. The Showcase is sponsored by the UK’s Department for International Trade (DIT), specialising in helping overseas companies set up and invest in the UK and assisting UK companies to succeed in global trade.   

On receiving this award, DIT will be offering us support to build our presence at international meetings throughout 2023, giving us the chance to attend prominent events in the life sciences industry, such as, BioEurope and The BIO International Convention in Boston. 

Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services provide Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Pharmacology services and consultancy to the Pharma and Biotechnology Industry. We enable the rapid and efficient development of optimal medicinal products by providing coherent and synergistic support. Support can be in the form of drug product consulting, laboratory services or PK modelling services 

Our areas of expertise include drug substance support, oral drug delivery, injectables, other non-oral routes of administration, advanced drug delivery (including nanos), and paediatric product development, for delivery of small molecules, peptides, and other complex medicines. We can support drug development through product design, understanding of product performance, product authorisation and supply. Our services also span CMC Regulatory, Clinical Pharmacology and DMPK consultancy. This ranges from input at the pre-clinical / discovery phase, through first-in-human and early clinical trials and onwards to product approval.  

We know that if we can contribute to the value proposition of our Clients, we will play our part in bringing new, innovative therapies to patients.  

Seda helps its clients to develop their candidate drugs / drug products to support clinical development more quickly, cost effectively and with a higher probability of success. Seda’s innovation is to combine two key technical skills, pharmaceutical development and clinical pharmacology expertise, not usually found in one organisation. This approach reflects the developing thinking of regulatory authorities and potential buyers/licensees while ensuring that products are developed that meet the patient need, whilst being highly manufacturable.  

As part of this innovative approach, we have introduced a range of integrated modules which, when combined with our consultancy service, help clients to identify the right molecule, the right dosage form and fastest route to delivery of a drug product suitable for use in pre-clinical safety and early clinical studies. These include:  

  • Rapid drug characterisation and formulation prototyping experiments by using biologically relevant fluids to understand the absorption characteristics and product design risks for new drug molecules  
  • In-house physiologically-based computer models to predict the rate and extent of drug absorption in man and inform the selection of right dosage form technologies  
  • Proprietary computer models to facilitate translation of preclinical efficacy data (especially in complex Oncology therapy area) to PK/Dose targets in humans  
  • Integrated paediatric drug product development service with understanding of global regulations 

Seda generates quality data with the responsiveness and commitment expected from a dedicated ‘big Pharma’ department but with the flexibility and speed associated with biotech companies.  

Contact us today if you would be interested in an introductory call to discuss how we can guide you through your drug product development journey.