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Seda joins enhancing global accessibility of our services

Seda are pleased to announce that we have been accepted by to market our capabilities on their platform, improving global accessibility of our drug product design services.

What is is a leading online marketplace that connects researchers with a global network of scientific service providers. With over 3,000 research organizations and over 20,000 individual researchers and service providers, it enables clients to source high-quality scientific services quickly and efficiently.

How will benefit our clients?

One of the main benefits of using is the ability to streamline the sourcing process for scientific services. The platform allows our clients to easily search for and select from a pool of pre-qualified providers enabling clients to quickly and easily obtain quotes and compare services from multiple providers, without the need for time-consuming negotiations or complex contracts. This simplifies the entire process, saves clients time and reduces the administrative burden, and ultimately accelerates the research process.

Another significant benefit is the platform’s commitment to data security and privacy. Before being accepted onto the platform we were required to undergo a rigorous due diligence process, including verification of credentials and compliance with ethical and regulatory standards. The company’s proprietary data security system ensures that all client data is protected and kept confidential. This is particularly important in scientific research, where the confidentiality of data is critical to maintaining scientific integrity. This ensures that clients can be confident in the quality and reliability of the services they are procuring.

Overall, provides an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable way for clients to access the research services they need, while also ensuring data security and privacy with the organisations they partner with. By simplifying the procurement process, ensuring the quality and reliability of services, and providing access to a wide range of specialised research services, is helping to accelerate scientific research and advance our understanding of the world around us.

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