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Formulating Complex Medicines: A simple solution?

Ever wondered about formulating Complex Medicines? Take a look at this recent webinar from Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC), Complex Medicines: Ready for the Clinic/Scaling up for Success, featuring a presentation from Seda’s Claire Patterson, to find out more. Claire was joined by a panel of experts describing how to prepare for the clinic; to formulate, scale up and navigate the regulatory approval process for Complex Medicines. (Total video length 56:56, Claire’s presentation 02:00 – 20:35)

Claire’s talk focused on the importance of selecting appropriate formulation vehicles, and method development for early analytical characterisation of important attributes of a Complex Medicine, including size, surface charge, aggregation potential and API release rate, from the point of manufacture, right through to the point of administration.

This was the last in the ‘MDC Connects’ 2021 series of webinars hosted by MDC, which explored the opportunities and challenges presented by this new class of medicines, guiding listeners through the steps to take an idea from concept into the clinic. Recordings from the full webinar series can be found here.

Medicines Discovery Catapult is a government funded, not-for-profit organisation,  part of a network of Catapults, established by Innovate UK to support UK innovation.

Find out more about Seda’s Complex Medicines expertise, including prior collaborative work with MDC, or contact one of our team of scientific experts.