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Fanny Joubert Joins the Seda Team as Senior Scientist

We are pleased to announce our latest appointment to the Seda team, Fanny Joubert, who joins us as Senior Scientist. Fanny has extensive technical experience in Nanotechnology and more particularly in the development of delivery systems for small molecules and nucleic acid therapeutics. After gaining a bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology at the University of Bordeaux 1, followed by an engineering diploma in Materials Science at Polytech’ Montpellier, France, Fanny then undertook a PhD in Polymer Chemistry at Durham University and has worked as a Research Associate for 6+ years within both academic and large pharma organisations.

Her specialist background includes a range of respected synthetic polymer chemistry applications where she has developed key skills in nanomaterials such as nanoparticles, nanosponges and hydrogels. Fanny has worked on a range of projects including nanomedicinal formulations for pancreatic cancer and development of drug delivery platforms. Her expertise includes chemical derivatisations, monomer and polymer syntheses and she has a range of experience focussing on polymers for healthcare and precision nanomedicine applications.

Here at Seda her current focus is to support clients in their development of complex medicines using her deep understanding of Nanotechnology manufacture and characterisation.

Please join us in welcoming Fanny to the team.

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