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Finding your perfect outsourcing partner

For start-ups and biotechs, strategic outsourcing of certain R&D activities with third-party vendors is critical for accessing the expertise required for project progression. Even for Big Pharma with a much broader range of capabilities, strategic outsourcing enables drug makers to maximise their internal resources and can therefore create significant value. So, with outsourcing becoming a necessity rather than a choice, how do you ensure you are working with the right partners at the right time? This was the question addressed during the Get out(sourced)! Session at the recent Bio Integrates event, in which Seda’s Claire Patterson participated alongside a group of experienced panellists from UK based CROs.

Some key discussion points are summarised below:

  • Strategic partnership is about openness and transparency. Willingness to share information and continuously improve are what differentiates it from a purely transactional relationship
  • Outsourcing works well when both partners are well aligned. Spend time up front aligning needs and expectations and building relationships. The most successful partnerships arise where the CRO feels integrated into the Client’s team, ensuring they have the full context of the problem they are trying to solve, as well as great communication (including scientist to scientist conversations). This also builds trust to be able to manoeuvre flexibly within the bounds of the contract to deliver the solution most efficiently.
  • Examples of bad practice include having expectations beyond what’s possible with insufficient time and poor communication. Be mindful that language barriers exist across skill areas as well as geographically.
  • Relationships between vendors are another important consideration since it is typical to require the services of multiple vendors. Clearly, it takes time to manage many individual CROs. Seek out service providers willing to subcontract some aspects, or who have well established networks with other vendors facilitating direct communication between them.

The session was facilitated by Paul Branthwaite, Senior Partner & Client Liaison at tranScrip. Panellists included Maura McArdle , Peter MacLennan, Steve Trim, Claire Patterson, Bodil Van Niel and  Alan Lahaise.

You can view the entire discussion on demand here:

Bio integrates 2022 track 1 recorded sessions – Life Science Integrates

Please reach out to a member of the Seda team to discuss potential partnering opportunities to advance the pharmaceutical development and clinical pharmacology aspects of your programme.