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Seda’s Jake Dickinson Promoted to Senior Modeller

We are thrilled to announce the recent promotion of Jake Dickinson to Senior Modeller. Jake has been with Seda Pharmaceutical Development Services for four years and has been an integral part of the modelling team. His dedication and professionalism have allowed him to progress and excel here at Seda, leading to a recent promotion. Seda advocates promoting from within as there are endless possibilities to leverage unique experiences and internal knowledge of the company. His hard work, dedication and enthusiasm have proved invaluable these past four years and will continue to do so into the future. 

Jake applies mathematical models to aid in the assessment of the likelihood of drug candidate success and to identify the likely risks involved in the formulation of a drug. He mainly develops models of drug kinetics and how that is linked to the effect and performance in a patient. 

During Jake’s time at Seda he has achieved a number of accomplishments including authoring publications, being shortlisted as Bionow ‘Promising Technologist of the Year’ in both 2019 and 2020 and has gone on to lead an expanding team of modellers. 

Jake has also developed Nora Max for Seda, an in-silico absorption model in R, that can be used to assess the absorption potential of a candidate drug. Nora Max aids decision making in late preclinical and early clinical drug development phases of drug development and enables the identification of the formulation technologies required for FTiM. 

Join us in congratulating Jake on his recent promotion. 

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