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CellCentric’s first-in-class p300/CBP inhibitor CCS1477 publishes in Cancer Discovery

CellCentric Ltd have achieved a major milestone as CCS1477 publishes in Cancer Discovery: Targeting p300/CBP axis in lethal prostate cancer.

This is the result of a great collaboration with the Institute of Cancer Research, London and Sidney Kimmel Cancer Centre (TJU), Philadelphia, with support from the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Seda are proud and honoured to be part of the CellCentric team, with Marcel as key representative.

“This has been a massive team effort to get to here, a key milestone.  Thank you to all our collaborative scientists, CROs, suppliers, service providers, advisors, consultants, partner hospitals and funders” – Will West, CEO CellCentric

For more details please see CellCentric’s press release.

During his 20-year career, Marcel has held a range of management and senior scientific positions in industry and academia. Most recently he was a Principal Scientist in Product Design and Innovation at AstraZeneca, where he was responsible for finding and implementing new science and technology in the Pharmaceutical Development group.

Marcel has provided project leadership and led product development teams responsible for the delivery of drug projects from initial concept design through late stage development and regulatory submission in readiness for launch. This has included a focus on enabling technologies for drug delivery. He has also led teams at the drug discovery-development interface, assessing the level of chemistry manufacturing and control (CMC) technical risk and defining product design strategies in early development. Project experience has covered molecules across a range of disease and therapy areas with substantial experience in the oncology field.

CellCentric is a development stage biotechnology company focused on a first-in-class p300/CBP bromodomain inhibitor drug, CCS1477, to treat specific cancers. The company investigated over 50 potential epigenetic-related drug targets, before focusing on the twin histone acetyl transferases p300/CBP. An earlier programme, based on an arginine methyltransferase target, was licenced to Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

CellCentric is a privately held business, with Morningside Venture Investments as its lead investor. It is UK based (Cambridge; Manchester; Oxford), with multiple international operations and collaborations.