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Bionow – 2021 Oncology Conference

We are excited to announce that we will be attending this year’s Bionow 2021 Oncology Conference at Alderley Park on Thursday 4th November as gold exhibitors. Seda’s Senior Principal Scientist, Claire Patterson, will be presenting at the conference, speaking about Bioavailability, Drug Delivery and Formulation, along with representatives from N4 Pharma and Quotient Biosciences. 

Some key messages from Claire’s presentation:

  • The First step in formulation design is the target product profile (TPP) which brings together patient, disease, and molecule factors for optimal performance.
  • Implicit in the TPP is selection of optimal route of administration
  • Apply biopharma ceutics thinking – understand the physicochemical properties, administration site physiology and their interaction to achieve target in vivo performance profile.
  • Understand the competing processes and use mathematical modelling to understand limitations and mitigations.  This is a key Seda capability.
  • Understanding the rate limiting step in absorption to enable selection of appropriate formulation mitigation strategy, e.g. amorphous solid dispersions for solubility limited absorption. Where other factors limit bioavilability e.g instability, low inherent permeability/extensive efflux, extensive gut wall or hepatic first pass metabolism explore other options such as permeation enhancers or targeting ligands, or consider parenteral administration.
  • There is an increasing trend towards subcutaneous delivery in oncology, particularly mAbs. Clear advantages over IV, not least the ability for the patients to self administer or at least require much less hospital/ chair time than IV infusion.
  • Mechanistic understanding of absorption rate and bioavailability is lagging behind that for oral, but significant progress is being made and Seda are linked in to communities driving these developments.

The Bionow conference will also feature other insightful discussions and presentations including Early Detection/New Approaches, Multiomics in Oncology Research, Role of Biobanks in Cancer Research & Patient Care – Benchtop to Bedside, The Use of Wearables and AI to get Close to Patients and The Future of Cancer Therapy. Other keynote speakers at the event include Anke Bruning Richardson, University of Huddersfield and Kimberly Shepard, Lonza. 

As a gold exhibitor, we will also have a stand in the exhibition to promote our capabilities. Come and see us to find out more about our complex medicines expertise and how we can provide value to your business.